Emotional Well-Being For Seniors

In order to achieve an overall sense of well-being, more than just the physical domain should be taken into consideration. For example emotional well-being for seniors can be promoted in these three ways: Promote well-being by fostering independence. As we age limits on what we are able to do start to manifest in different areas […]

Resident Spotlight: Todd and Nancy Markum

Meet the Markums. Todd and Nancy are no strangers to so many in the Oklahoma City metro by any stretch of the imagination. More than likely you either know them, know part of their family or know someone that knows them. If this is the first time you meet them, you leave knowing a couple […]

Community Spotlight: The Tealridge Dining Experience

We know the importance of providing excellent dining services. At each meal, our talented dining team offers our independent living residents a variety of delicious choices for them to enjoy. We realize the dining experience is important both nutritionally as well as socially. Because of this, we make every effort to make mealtime at Tealridge […]

Working Past Retirement

One of the biggest struggles retirees face is the adjustment from a fast-paced life full of purpose to a relaxed schedule full of “what do I do now?” If you find yourself in a position with time you want or need to fill, you might consider finding a part-time job. Here are a few benefits […]

Ageism and Seniors

The definition of Ageism is: prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age. It’s hard to understand why someone would think less of a person because of their age. Senior adults are amazing people with so much wisdom and a lot to contribute to society. Here are a few things to think about […]

Heart Health and Retirement

The heart is the core of our being. Keeping our hearts healthy is vital for a long, happy and healthy life. And the upkeep doesn’t stop as you get into your retirement years. Here are a few tips to think about as you consider heart health and retirement:   Lifestyle Changes: When retirement comes around, […]

How eReaders Benefit Seniors

One of the best things you can do for your brain is to keep reading. Whether you enjoy historical novels, autobiographies or a mystery thriller, keeping a current book to read is so important. Sometimes senior adults have a hard time getting out to the library and buying new books can be expensive and start […]

Emotional Obstacles to Downsizing

The thought pops into your head: “Maybe it’s time to downsize.”  Maybe your family has all grown up and moved into their own homes, maybe you’ve reached retirement and suddenly come to the realization that you are living alone in a big house, or maybe the upkeep of your home is all just too much. […]

Four Ways Seniors Tend To Be More Spiritual As They Age

No matter what religion you may or may not adhere to, a healthy sense of spirituality can be a common thread in many peoples’ lives. Spirituality, according to oxford dictionaries, is “The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” According to allaboutseniors.org here are four […]

Self-Care: 10 Fun and Lighthearted Stress-Reducers

Everyone needs avenues they can release their stress! Here are some easy ways to make your days brighter and your moments happier:       Keep a ‘Fun Folder.’ This could be of cartoons, pictures, articles that make you laugh. Save them for a rainy day! Write down things you enjoy and want to do […]

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